Request for Donations

All donation request must be made 60 days in advance no exceptions.  However, we do understand that unforeseen events happen and we will take into consideration those donation requests at that time. 

Please fill out the submission form below for your donation request and we will send you a response within 15 days of your event.

Fundraising Events

If you have a fundraiser that you are requesting a donation for please fill out the submission form below just as if you are requesting a donation (see above)

Please be mindful that as a business, we have several request for donations and have allotted an "X" amount of money, per quarter, for donation request.  We do not take donation request on a walk in basis.  There are many events that we would love to donate to but please be mindful that every request is taken into great consideration.  If we do not donate to your request it does not mean your event is less important to us.  This is strictly a business plan decision.

Remember to hit the SUBMITbutton at the bottom when you have completed the form.